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Looking for an UX UI Expert on Senior Users and a senior participant for your usability testing?
You came to the right place!

How might I help UXers?

I can collaborate with you in UX UI design for senior citizens (Ages 65 and older).

You can hire me as participant in UX for senior citizens usability testing 

and qualitative research with senior users.

I can offer you expert reviews on age-friendly UX design and visual design assessment,

find and fix usability problems and improvements recommendations.

I'm available for remote usability testing sessions and design sprints.

How Might We

You can hire me for design sprints remote lightning talks.

The “How Might We” or HMW method is an essential Design Sprint methodology. At Google, we use it to capture opportunities during lightning talks and throughout the Understand phase. This method allows your team to take the insights and pain points they hear and positively reframe them. HMWs create an active framework for resolving the challenges.

Design Sprints 


You can hire me during validate phase.

In the Validate phase, the Design Sprint team will put your concept in front of users - this is your moment of truth! You will gather feedback from users who interact with your prototype, and if relevant, you will conduct stakeholder and technical feasibility reviews. You’ll end your Sprint with a validated concept– or an invalidated concept to improve on.



People over 65 are the fastest growing demographic in the United States and many wealthy countries.

 "As a global society, we are living longer and remaining active later in life. 

Older adults are more technically connected than ever. 

In 2019, 73% of people over the age of 65 were connected to the internet.

Seniors online are still an underserved market.
Websites, apps and other digital products are designed to suit the needs of a very narrow age demographic. 

Many companies design with only younger users in mind, creating products that are difficult for older adults to use.

Older adults are wealthier now than they were 25 years ago.
Seniors have more to spend on physical and digital products that meet their needs. 

Creating designs that cater to this growing and wealthy demographic is a valuable investment for teams and companies."

Source: NN Group


Don Rocha

Founder of ux4seniors Circulus LLC
I'm two times a senior, being that I'm a senior citizen and I'm a Senior UX UI Designer.

 Experienced UX Design For Seniors, UX Usability Testing Qualitative Participant, UX Visual and Inclusive Designer, Front-end Developer, Multimedia Specialist and  award-winning Project Manager on Assistive Technology and Special Education programs.

Visit my LinkedIn profile and Behance portfolio.


Whenever you need it

I'm available online for remote usability testing sessions or design sprints whenever you need it.

Please use our online appointment scheduling to book or to reschedule, and cancel appointments.


Take me wherever you need me to go

I'm available online for moderated and unmoderated remote usability studies.

Video calls include the use of a document camera for filming the mobile screen during remote usability testing.

Use our online appointment scheduling  to book  a video session.

UX Video Sessions Specs

Video Sessions include 1 hour prep via email + 1 hour video call session.

You can schedule online sessions for moderated and unmoderated remote qualitative research and usability testing. 

We may use Google Meet, Zoom or Microsoft Teams for video sessions and may connect a document camera for filming the mobile screen during remote usability testing if you wish.

Use our online appointment scheduling  to book  a video session.

Use PayPal buttons below to pay for your Video Session and have the booking confirmed.

How Much

My rates are super-affordable

Hourly rate $125

Video Session (2 hours) $250

Daily (8 hours) $1,000

Sprint (5 days) $5,000

Use PayPal to pay for a Video Session:

Best Practices 

There are a number of ways to improve UX for seniors.

Use large and legible fonts.
Seniors often have difficulty seeing, so it's important to use fonts that are easy to read. Choose large font sizes and use high contrast colors.

Keep things simple and easy to understand.
Avoid using jargon or complex language.

Provide clear instructions.
Use simple language and explain things step-by-step.

Make it easy to navigate.
Seniors may have difficulty remembering how to navigate through a website or app, so it's important to make it easy to get around. Use clear headings and menus, and provide links back to important pages.

Use images and videos
that illustrate what you're trying to say. This can help understanding concepts and remember information.

Test your designs with seniors.
The best way to make sure your UX is accessible to seniors is to test it with them. Get feedback on your designs and make changes based on their needs.

By following these tips, you can create inclusive UX that is accessible and easy to use.

Apple Best Practices

Prefer regular or heavy font weights in your app.
Consider using Regular, Medium, Semibold, or Bold font weights, because they are easier to see. Avoid Ultralight, Thin, and Light font weights, which can be more difficult to see.

Design with accessibility in mind.
Accessibility is not just about making information available to people with disabilities — it’s about making information available to everyone, regardless of their capabilities or situation.
Designing your app with accessibility in mind means prioritizing simplicity and perceivability and examining every design decision to ensure that it doesn’t exclude people who have different abilities or interact with their devices in different ways.

Support personalization.
You already design your experience to adapt to environmental variations — such as device orientation, screen size, resolution, color gamut, and split view — because you want people to enjoy it in any context and on all supported devices.

The practice of inclusive design
An inclusive app,  game or website is not only usable by different people, but also welcomes people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Discover how you can design inclusive content for your interface, language, imagery, and marketing materials and support the broadest possible range of people with your app or game.

With minimal additional effort, you can design your inclusive app to support the accessibility features people use to personalize the ways they interact with their devices.

Visit Apple Developer Accessibility

Visit Apple Developer Inclusion

Watch the Video: The practice of inclusive design

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"Time takes its toll as we get older. It will happen to you, too, which is one reason — besides business gains — that everybody should care about designing for seniors."

Usability for Senior Citizens: Improved, But Still Lacking

"Currently, 68% of those 50-plus do not believe that today’s technology is designed with their age in mind."


"Universal Design is the design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design.

Ron Mace, Center for Universal Design, NC State University

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